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This is Kiss by A Rose Part 3. It's been about a year since I first uploaded a story, and I've gotten a few tips from friends online on how to write better fics. Since the orginal post is so old, I decided to upload part 3 seperatley to make sure people actually see it. This will be the last chapter of this series. If you haven't seen the other parts I would highly recommend you go check out the orginal post. Enjoy!

Rated: XXX


A floatzel actor bears a secret crush for his human co-star, but lacks the courage to act on it. Unless a certain shape-shifting friend has anything to say about it.

File Name: Method Acting

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File Type: Story:Adult:M/???:Floatzel x Ditto

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This is a ,straight and gay fanfic with three parts: part one is gay, 2 is straight, 3 is gay again. I'm bisexual, so I'll post gay, straight and bisexual fanfics as well as porn pics, the pics won' be mine btw,all credit goes to the original artists.

As for the story it is between a Lucario and his Trainer who both developed special feelings for each other, but kept them hidden. Until after winning the Pokémon League, where Lucario told his Trainer about said feelings, the Trainer, named Johnahan, accepted and reciprocated them, and well, they have a steamy sex session together, making their bond grow stronger.

Read for part two description:

Lucario is droped off at Sarah's house by Johnathan, who has to go to the League of Champions meeting, little does John know, Sarah has other plans for Lucario...

Part 3:

After the League of Champions meeting Johnathan and Lucario have some steamy, kinky fun.

Rated: XXX


This is a simple NSFW story about the special relationship between a male Nidorino, Orchid, and his bully, a male Lairon named Auron.

This is my first fic, something I decided to do a few days ago and ended up writing itself. I plan on adding a few future chapters in the future.

CONTAINS: M/M, Non-consensual sex and rape.

Pokemon is copyright of Nintendo. All characters are the property of their respective owners. No infringement is intended.


A Houndoom finishes a dangerous mission for his guild, and takes a load off at the bar to celebrate. What he finds instead is a very interesting Furfrou who catches his attention, and then some. M/M.


This is my first fic uploaded to AGNPH, and although it is a Gay lemon, I am not a just gay author: I'm Bisexual, so if you want to see more, I will be uploading (hopefully) a large number of one-shots like this one, either gay, straight, or bisexual.  If you want to see a specific fic then PM me the specifics.  I might not get to it right away, but I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Raiden, a male Lucario, wakes up his master, Eric, with an unusual surprise.  Experimental and obligatory gay smut one-shot quickly follows.  This is my first gay lemon.  Don't hate.

You can, however, leave a critique below.  As an aspiring author of both smut and non smut, any and all critique is greatly appreciated.  That being said, don't just say 'this fucking sucks dude' or 'Well, I liked it, but it could be better.'  TELL ME WHAT YOU LIKE OR DON'T LIKE.

Much obliged:

The Sword of Absol

Rated: XXX [Reviews: 2]


An Espeon comes across an Umbreon, half starved and wanting to die, but takes it upon himself to nurse the Umbreon back to life. The Umbreon just wants to be left alone, but hasn't met an Espeon quite like this one. 

Rated: XXX


Trainer gets it on with his typhlosion after winning a tough match. 


One night an espeon awakes in his trainers home, with a certain problem that he needs taken care of. Desperate and out of options he takes solace in his sister, in more ways than one. Story written and modeled after a picture by Kyoushiro. All writing done by me, with his permission.