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Upon trying to have a perfectly normal life without any setbacks, Stormy the Salandit encounters Zero - the infamous Zoroark that no one will shut up about.

Oddly enough, he does live up to his reputation as the smooth-talking Trickster.


This is a ,straight and gay fanfic with three parts: part one is gay, 2 is straight, 3 is gay again. I'm bisexual, so I'll post gay, straight and bisexual fanfics as well as porn pics, the pics won' be mine btw,all credit goes to the original artists.

As for the story it is between a Lucario and his Trainer who both developed special feelings for each other, but kept them hidden. Until after winning the Pokémon League, where Lucario told his Trainer about said feelings, the Trainer, named Johnahan, accepted and reciprocated them, and well, they have a steamy sex session together, making their bond grow stronger.

Read for part two description:

Lucario is droped off at Sarah's house by Johnathan, who has to go to the League of Champions meeting, little does John know, Sarah has other plans for Lucario...

Part 3:

After the League of Champions meeting Johnathan and Lucario have some steamy, kinky fun.

Rated: XXX


This is a simple NSFW story about the special relationship between a male Nidorino, Orchid, and his bully, a male Lairon named Auron.

This is my first fic, something I decided to do a few days ago and ended up writing itself. I plan on adding a few future chapters in the future.

CONTAINS: M/M, Non-consensual sex and rape.

Pokemon is copyright of Nintendo. All characters are the property of their respective owners. No infringement is intended.

Rated: XXX [Reviews: 19]


Through life we all need someone, and being lonely is not how we would want to be. A little orphaned Eevee is left to feel the emptiness when his fellow orphans are adopted one by one. With no one to play with his seclusion seems unbearable as he peers out into the streets from his orphanage confines to see happiness everywhere but where he is. Its Christmas and no one to share the special time with. The little Eevee longed for a partner and soul mate, until now. Finally that dream of that special caring person maybe afoot, and those dreams no longer dreams. With all so wonderful, or should be, he finds himself in a position where his emotions and feelings towards his trainer grow stronger everyday. What are these new feelings? The little Eevee finds his bond strengthening to a extent the he becomes spiritually attuned to her, a chained soul to her own. Will he succeed and court his sweet Amber? Or will complications arise which will drive one another away?

Rated: XXX [Reviews: 2]


An Espeon comes across an Umbreon, half starved and wanting to die, but takes it upon himself to nurse the Umbreon back to life. The Umbreon just wants to be left alone, but hasn't met an Espeon quite like this one.

Rated: XXX


Trainer gets it on with his typhlosion after winning a tough match.


Sometimes it is best not to make a bet you can't win.

Also this is my first time joining the site and adding a story to it so please be nice.