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Christmas has come once more, but the people and Pokémon of this modern age have forgotten what it's all about! The misfitting duo of Mew and Mewtwo decide to bring back the old traditions and enforce their very own brand of Christmas spirit... For better or worse!


In an age far beyond her parent's, a young Riolu begins her own journey of destiny. But with the power she possesses will she save, or condemn the world...?


Twin Lucario sisters learn about their family business and enjoy the perks it comes with having a milk farm.

Rated: XXX [Reviews: 2]


A Misdreavus who desires what she can't have shares a close bond with a lucario. But on one morning, a threat from the past re-emerges in an attempt to reclaim what was lost.

A story in 6 chapters. Adult content.

Rated: XXX


Six apparent strangers are invited to a modest but lavish mansion at the owner's behest. Why are they there? And what happens when disaster strikes?

Rise of the Cliche Contest Submission - 2nd Place

Original Finished Date - May 31 2009
Featured Story - 06/01/09


Mewtwo has wandered the world of Pokemon alone, trying to suppress the feelings that Mew brought out of him. Fate is a bitch it seems, because he finds the one that steals his heart, and leaves him even more tortured with his existance.

Original Finished Date - Feb 14 2004


A brash Pikachu hunts down Legendary Pokémon in the hopes of becoming one himself. Even with powers beyond that of any regular Pokémon and two comrades to constantly screw around with, his lighthearted demeanor belies something far more sinister...

Rated: R


Who can make decisions about what is good for humanity? It is always easy to decide this after the fact, but it can never be changed after the fact. Most of the time this decision is made by the most incompetent of the race of man. Should even their choices be respected, or should the higher calibre of the human race make those decisions for us? How many lives can be sacrificed in the name of freedom and self-determination?

If you believe that free thought and action are necissary for human development, join the UNSS. We are always looking for recruits, even where you wouldn't expect. You must be unmarried, have no immediate family and live alone. Orphans are preffered.

May Songfic 2010 Entry

Inspired by "Knights of Cydonia" by Muse.

Disclaimers: Some Language, Strong Violence, Disturbing Content