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A herd of chu untouched since the age of Apricorns is studied by two college students from Saffron City...

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Story Notes:

Sorry for the long absence; I've had a lot of things to do, a massive amount of writer's block recently (The latest Karistaa Usko chapter's presently in Limbo), and a complete overhaul of my mythos, so I decided to do one more in the general Pokemon universe. As the July contest inspired me a bit to write this chapter, it's a contest entry (or, at the very least, Nowhere and Everywhere is since I'm not certain how long this inspiration will hold).As usual: Pikachu, Pokémon, Mother et al. are the property of Nintendo. The characters are mine, as is the plot.

  1. Nowhere and Everywhere (3447 words) [Reviews: 1]

  2. The Boardroom (1878 words)

  3. Out of the Mouths of Babes (2121 words)

  4. Suffer the Little Ones (2465 words)

  5. Moonlight Meet (2377 words)

  6. History and Histamine (3352 words)

  7. Dinner Debate (1979 words)

  8. Thunder and Lightning... (1326 words)

  9. ...This is Crazy! (1000 words)

  10. I Have No Shame and I Must Gasp (1997 words)

  11. Calamari Tricker (1147 words)

    They say Common is the hardest language - a lesson Tish learns the hard way.

  12. Three Perspectives (2254 words)

    One's a lord, another a noble, a third a peasant...

  13. Blindfolds to Reality (1978 words)

  14. Seeds of Doubt (1474 words)

  15. Salvation (2389 words)

  16. Dearly Beloved (2823 words)

  17. The Road to Hell (1498 words) [Reviews: 1]

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    Reviewer: slash
    Date:Mar 15 2014 Chapter:The Road to Hell
    its not that your writing is bad its very good its just that this story can't hold a reader for not to hurt your feelings.
    Author's Response:
    I'm somewhat self-aware of my rambling nature and the fact this fic is less porn with plot and more plot-with-incidental-porn.
    Reviewer: lollipuny
    Date:May 29 2014 Chapter:Nowhere and Everywhere
    Actually, I can't agree with the prior review.

    I opened this story expecting a sex-driven plot bunch of massive orgies and was instead given the opposite. The world is incredibly intriguing; set in Africa of all places! Perhaps it's just because I'm not used to the setting, but it really makes the situation that your characters are in feel a lot more dire than they anticipated when going in for this assignment (probably exactly what you wanted anyhow!).

    Each chapter has a tense air with a mystery assailant looming around the storm, deadlines being pushed and new things being discovered within the environment. The sex can wait, as far as I'm concerned. I want to know what happens next!

    Ramble further! Please Ramble further!
    Author's Response:
    The story's actually set in Kanto, on the Kanto side of Mt. Silver's slopes. The Chu using African terms and names is more a result of headcanonisation on my part, but it fits here since I wanted to give the impression that the Chu had a unique society all their own and were sapient.