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Book 2 of the Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival. Follow the lives of the students as they must learn how to surival in the most challenging school in the region. But not everything is as it seems and for one student, this could be the end of the road. 

Updated to chapter 7


The completed story of Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 1. On a island of a large lake is a castle that stands tall and proud. Here Bangam the Absol established a school for helping to train young Pokemon in the ways of survival, both in the wild and in the bed room. Mystical and wonderes things await those who attend, but this school is not a simple place and there are more going on behind the scenes than any of the students, teachers and even its Headmaster and founder know. 


This story is just a relatively simple story focusing on the curious antics of three starter Pokemon in Pallet Town. Yep, that's right, a Bulbasaur, a Charmander, and a Squirtle! I don't even mention the word 'love' in here. Nope. It's just innocent curiosities all led by a rather mischievous Charmander named Maple.

If you're looking for a deep, involving storyline or characters like I usually do, well, this is not your story. The characters are all really cute (I hope), though! This story is about sex, sex, and more sex. XD At least some pretty nice, sex scenes, including two very hot threesomes with VINES AND COCKS AND PUSSY EVERYWHERE!

Yeah, imagine if you will... Squirtle taking Bulbasaur's ass while Bulbasaur is pounding Charmander's, pleasuring Charmander's pussy and invading Squirtle's tailhole with his vines.

You know you want to read that.


An unbearably hot summer day brings together an unlikely pair under the cool shade. A bulbasaur/pikachu story.

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