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After getting left behind by his trainer Machoke ends up getting lost in the woods. While he ends up going to sleep in the woods, he wakes up to find himself in a different location. One that offers a new opportunity for him.

Rated: XXX


An exploration team has come to Florana to study the local feral population, however they end up doing more than just studying.


Many things about the entire situation remain confusing, even to this day.

As an example, after the initial fallout following their arrival had subsided, where did the creatures go? Given only speculation remains as to their eventual fate, was the government involved, or had they simply vanished as mysteriously as they arrived?

Or are they living amongst us still, hidden from the prying eyes of the general populace by those sworn to protect them?

Perhaps we'll never know, just as it's as unlikely we'll ever be told the real truth as to their mysterious presence in our world. The government has covered it up, the people involved remain mute, and the creatures themselves; these pokemon; are the biggest enigma of the lot.

At least their presence here has answered one important question that's plagued humanity since the dawn of its creation.

We are not alone.
Perhaps we never had been.

Rated: R


A Controlling Father a missing mother of telepathic abilities and 2 others locked up by their father this changes everything when 1 mistake makes a lifetime difference



It's been awhile since Shawn has seen any action, when he gets an early morning call to come into headquarters. Could this finally be some excitement? The series kicks off with our hero on a new mission. Who knows what adventures he'll have?

A wizard from our world is sent to the pokemon world on a mission. Can he stop the dark forces that are conspiring to rip reality apart? He'll have to enlist the help of a few pokemon it seems, and just how will they react to their unusual trainer?