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FETEP 2 entry.

A lonely vaporeon flees her family's den, confused and distraught by her dysfunctional parents. Can anyone truly relate to her? Know her heart and love her as she is?



Two lovers are reunited after their responsibilities keep them apart... though one of them has some interesting plans for their first night back together.

Submission for the FETEP 2 contest. Contains light bondage and role-playing.


Late FETEP2 entry. Hope it still counts! Contains incest and a bit of roleplay, as per the requirements for at least 2 of the 4 fetishes given.

A Luxray father has had feelings for his teenage Luxio daughter for the longest time, since she's the spitting image of her late mother, in every conceivable way. After a fight with some bullies at her school in front of him makes him realize his error in waiting so long, he decides to come clean and confess his feelings to his daughter in an unusual way.

(Might do a non-contest version, with more effort into it (multiple chapters possibly, if not one longer story with more plot) and feral, like I had intended to initially for this idea.


Update 1/4/2023: I chose to do anthro versus feral as I initially planned for this, even though it wasn't a fetish like it was in the later FETEP 3 contest. ^^; Partially due to how fast I had to write it but mainly as it was the only way to do the "roleplay" fetish, since feral Pokemon seem unlikely to do that and "bondage" didn't fit with the respect I had in mind for the father to his daughter, especially for their first time. Much less did "tentacles" fit in here with the species I'd long-ago settled on using for my initial plan on this one.

Never realized before that this was the first story I wrote with incest, which is one of my favorite fetishes and has only grown in the years since. I don’t think I did it justice with regards to the whole taboo/mentality of incest (especially with the bond the two should’ve had and not make it seem like he’s taking advantage of her) or underage (never said her age, but if in high school, under 18 probably), but I wrote this in one night, so didn’t think much on those fronts. I hope anyone reading this part will give it a shot, since it’s better than a lot of stories I’ve seen previously on here alone (when I was more active in reading), not to sound rude. ^^;


Small spoiler: Even though I reread/skimmed most of this today, I didn't do all of it. And from my recollection, pretty sure I never said what the species of Lily's mother was in this version. But if I ever rewrite this as I intended to years ago, I will fix/add a lot of things to it.


A Ninetales looking to fulfill a personal taboo fantasy finally seduces his bi-curious Arcanine father in a creative way.

Warning: Contains incest.

FETEP 2, Jan 2011 Contest Submission - 2nd Place

Original Finished Date - Feb 1 2011
Featured Story - 02/01/11


If you were to tell Max of Petalburg City that it was his destiny to get assaulted by an Umbreon, eat out his older sister May, and possibly get a 'come on' from a Glaceon....he'd probably laugh out loud, look you in the eye, and ask 'What are the odds'?

Fetep 2 Contest Entry


FETEP2 entry, sort of all four categories