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Completely Remastered!

Having been born with the gift of harnessing the strength of my soul's power I am expected to live through many hells. I never asked anyone to give me such a huge responsibility. I'm a light for humanity, but I must stay alive and sane in order to shine when the right time comes. I am one of two people that must unite humans and pokemon once and for all, but that's a different time. Right now, I'm a child that's been given a power which gives me superior strength physically and mentally. First, I'll test it on the people I hate the most; the people who have wronged my childhood.

AN: As of August 2011, chapters over 10.5K words (not including ANs) have been split to fit the readers eyes. I thank those reviewers for recommending it.


Jack finished his education and has now moved from Pallet town over to Littleroot in the Hoenn region. With his new friend, May, and others he'll meet along the way, he will face some of the best times in his life, and some of the worst...


April 10: New evolution-enhancing drug, EvolutionX is made widely available in the Eterna Marketplace.

April 13: 1/8 of EvolutionX consumers have reported developing flu-like symptoms.

April 13- 5:20 PM: Mutilated body of Zachary Keen is found.

April 13- 8:19 PM: PRO Bravo Team is dispatched to investigate the Eterna Forest after reports of cannibalistic attacks. PRO Alpha Team is sent to sweep through Eterna City shortly afterwards.

*Transmission stream interrupted.*

April 14- 1:56 AM: Morena Sergei, species classification: Flygon, is killed. Companion Sam Chaplain succumbs to the Thyxemia Virus quickly thereafter.


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To say that Aegis Breckin is a badass would be an understatement: she smokes, she drinks, and is one among the most elite in the Sinnoh Region's black operations squad. Looking out exclusively for herself, she works as a mercenary in her spare time, granting her services to whoever can pay her the most.

When called into action late at night, Breckin is expecting a routine sweep, maybe even a pickup for a classified package. Leaving her bunk to find the entire base in disorder, she soon finds out that there is another matter at hand entirely after her superiors assign her under Human Unit 119's squad, one of the most prestigious squads in the entire military base.

The mission: neutralize every living citizen in the Eterna City area. Unfortunately for Aegis and the rest of her team, their superiors never told them about the viral-spawned mutants roaming the city.

Antihero Contest Submission 2010

Rated XXX for: Rape (sexual content), creature violence, explicit depictions of brutality and gore, language, and strongly disturbing content

Companion story to Biohazard and Halloween 2009's Biohazard: The City of the Damned

Characters/ Tags: Ononokusu, Lapras, Jaroda, Raichu



A laboratory succeeds in opening a portal to another world. They send in the head scientist's 16 year old son and he finds himself in the wierdest predicament ever!



Something has gone terribly wrong. The world of Pokemon will be forever changed. Only a few survivors are left of the destruction. This is their tale of survival...or is it?

Sexless for the time being.


The Mortal Immortality Director's Cut, which is just a re-write of the original. It is written from the eyes of Wolfgang Upton the Raichu, the main protagonist of the story.

Ten years ago, a murderer by the name of Sigmund Umberto killed twelve victims in an occult ritual seeking immortality. The last of these victims was Wolfgang Upton, a mildly successful horror film director living in Twilight Glen.

Wolfgang has been caught up in the Spinda's killing spree, and hires Detective Miara Emer to help solve the problem and get Sigmund thrown in the slammer.

Little does Wolfgang know about the mysterious nature of Twilight Glen.

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon and all copyrighted characters, settings, and media rightfully belong to Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures Inc.


A rogue organization has gone beyond human bounds and have created the first anthro human-pokemon. Will their creation comeback to destroy them? Or become the valuable weapon they want from him?


The story is about a is all you need to know, until you read.


The tides of air carry the scents of love... and death.

When a couple on their honeymoon enter the isolated mining town of Anchorhead during the annual Valentine's Day Festival, everything seems to be running along perfectly. The citizens are generous, the streets are clean, and the festival is fun for all, but something seems out of place... As if everyone is on edge.

Little do Dan and Laura Evans know, a trail of sick killings committed by a deadly psychopath had taken place the previous year. Dubbed �The Valentine's Day Killer,� for his sick trademark of arranging his victims' jaws in the shapes of hearts, Dan and Laura find themselves in a difficult situation. He has escaped the psycho ward, and it's Valentine's Day.

*Special cameo appearances:

Tory and Malek from "Quest For a Christmas Kiss" by MetalChick

Rithiea Sazao from "Backdoor and Heartbreak" by Rio

2010 Valentine's Day Submission



Beneath Araelis thrives a metropolis of perpetual daylight, where the last vestiges of a forgotten sanctuary lingers. Where the light has reigned and the people have abandoned their memories of conflict, a darkness is freezing over once again, unearthing a ethereal force long forgotten. When the shattered chains converge, an ancient brotherhood will resurface from the endless shadows after its centuries of slumber, and the genesis of a new era.

in remake



Ganlon Pave 27 was all she ever needed. Salmon pink walls, a large porch, and a peaceful society. But in a world of war where humans have yet to achieve harmony with Pokemon, can a Lucario truly find solitude?

Contains disturbing violence and explicit gore

Vengeance Theme submission



I decided to let this out again. Don't like it? Then don't read it. That's all I'm going to say. I would put in a fancy summary if I had one.



The date is December 21, 2012. The day of supposed Armageddon according to many. It's the afternoon. People have lost their fear of anything bad happening. Suddenly a large meteor passes over and hits the ground. Earthquakes and tsunami are started worldwide, dust is thrown miles into the air and spreads out starting a nuclear winter. People then realize it truely is the end of the world. Many die, few survive. Hector and his family are one of the few survivors. What happens when Pokemon and Humans, who have been at war with each other for years now, are forced to work together to survive?

Most Recent Update: Last chapter to this story is complete and posted. Enjoy!

Special thanks to: jurgenwulf for being the cure to my writers block and also for being my goto guy for some ideas and info.

Rated:XXX [Reviews: 2]


Johnathan Ogami is an orphan saiyan child whose life has been filled with nothing but misery and death. All caused by pokemon. He is ignored by the people that live around him. One day on the outskirts of town he found a massive amount pokemon unconscious and dying. The pokemon are neglected by the people on the island so he decides to take them in. But to his dismay the pokemon only unleash the inner demons that haunt his mind. But he needs them in order to destroy the demons as well. Will he keep the pokemon and risk losing his sanity the only thing that keeps him alive or will he release them and go down the dark road of loneliness.

Update: 4/12/09
Been taking a while to post the next chapter. To tell the truth I haven't even started writing it yet. Been helluva busy with school. I'ma try, emphasis on 'try', to post the next chap later this month. At the moment I'm editing my older chapters. Found a lot of nasty spelling and grammar errors that I want get rid of. Kind of laughed when I saw them. Right now I fixed chapters 1-3. Some dialogue was edited and changed and I altered one scene and deleted another in chapter 2. Now working on chapters 4-6. If you read this and decide to read the chapters I worked over, please tell me if you see any errors and review as well please. Holla Back.4/28/09All chapters have been edited and re-posted. A good amount of dialogue has been changed. John's personality has been altered in a way that is more satisfying to his character. But the plot of the chapter has remained the same. Only some of the content, spelling and grammar issues have been checked, corrected, and changed. Remember, if you're reading this shit and decide to check up on the chapters. If you see any errors notify me on them by reviewing or send me a message. I'll try to write chapter 7 soon. But it will take awhile with finals coming. Holla back.8/7/09Decided to change the name from Johnathan Ogami to J.O. cause it sound cleaner.



A pokemon trainer with strange powers sets off on his journey; along the way he will meet new friends, make new enemies and maybe even save the world. Sexless for now and get's much darker later on