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Vecransyh and his best friend Kazamaru are two Pokemon trainers just starting out but neither of them could have predicted the road ahead of them...
(reviews are appreciated)Chapters one and two are very poorly written but trust me when i say the writing gets much better starting in chapter three and continues improving throughout the story
Tags: Shaymin Latios Latias Mew Arcanine Swampert Froslass Mismagius Aggron Lucario Luxray Floatzel


This will be the area for one-shot stories that I write based on requests that I receive. I am always open to requests, but please be aware that I am in school, have a job, and have my own writing projects that I'm working on. It may take a while for me to get to your request. Also, before you make a request, please read my profile to see what things I will NOT accept in a request. Looking forward to hear what you all want!

Stories in this section will be of varying ratings, but I'll still mark it as XXX because this will probably mostly contain adult works.

MOST RECENT UPDATE: Story 15: Snake in the Grass (F-Seviper/M-Human)


A story about a trainer who is given a Riolu. She starts as a friend and companion, but becomes so much more than that with time, and with the bond they share life becomes more complicated than ever.



This is a story about a Pokemon Anthro trying to become a Pokemon Master in a world of humans.



Join Darfix and his friends on an adventure through the region of Johto as they make friends, acquire enemies, and fall in love. There is always action to be had and romantic affairs to indulge in.
Episode 01 Note: Contains vulgar language and moderate violence. (Ratings will vary from episode to episode.) Completed Thus Far: Episodes 01 - 057