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When the deities of Matter and Antimatter gather together to seek a beloved one,

The Chosen One shall be asked for his hand-in-marriage.

He shall form a bond with the two, a bond which cannot be broken.

In uniting with each of the Goddesses, he shall change the foundation

Of human and Pokemon civilations forever.

The Masters of Time and Space shall be together, 

their union would bring about a child of immense power, more powerful than the Creator.

Then she will also ask the The Chosen One his hand-in-marriage.

The other Legends will accept him and will also form a bond. 

 This is the prophecy.

Contains: Self-Masturbation, Semi-NC, Cosplaying and Yuri.

Genre: Romance/Comedy/Ecchi


The laws of physics govern out world and everything beyond. What will happen if the same laws allow other life to exist in other dimensions? Will our life be the same? This is a crossover but don't look away, I promise it will be better after chapter 1. Crossover: Digimon/Pokemon/Zero no Tsukaima/Tayutama Kiss on My Deity.



Arbor Day Contest 2010. The year 2015. The world is dying due to global warming. But two Legendaries won't let it happen as they are prepared to save Earth, through DANCE! The day where the spring solstice occur, they must perform this ritual or risk the extinction of their species. And of course, there's a catch. THEY MUST BOTH LOVE EACH OTHER!How could this ritual push through? Rated XXX for lemon. (CelebiXShaymin ship)NOTE: If you don't know how to speak Japanese, Sakura means "Cherry Blossoms."


It's a bad time for the world.
Every day, crime and problems seem to be on the grow...
In order to help fight this problem, seven children have been chosen to be put to training and help defeat crime.

This is the story of those seven kids. Particularly of one who isn't exactly good at fighting... Or learning... Or anything at all.


After seeing the most horrible of visions, a Gardevoir can make little sense of it until the worst thing happens to her. Will she know kindness no more afterwards?
This will be on hiatus for the time being. But to those that really enjoyed it, reast assured it wiil be continued/redone once Deliverance has been completed.



Some stories are about hope. Others are about happiness, overcoming something bigger than you, or trying to find love.

This story isn't one of those. Meet Tommy, a Larvitar. He should be happy, he's a hero because he saved his mother's life. But that isn't the case. This is the story why.


What happens when I get stuck with Legendaries playing Truth or Dare. Warning: Possible lemons...


The otherwise peaceful city of Earthford abounds with joy and energy in anticipation of the annual Showdown, an event where the greatest trainers gather to test their mettle against each other, and maybe even get a chance to meet a special guest. But there is a sense that all is not right behind the scenes, and two young contestants find themselves caught up in circumstances they may not be able to endure.

Completed June 2010.


Living in a world that abhors pokephilia obviously isnt easy for a pokephiliac. So what can do you do? Join the Pokemon Club, indulge in your fantasies without fear of the law. If only, if only. Something like that couldnt possibly exist could it?

(Greetings from the future. One year in the future. That is, one year or so after I started writing this story. Looking back, wow this is a trainwreck of an opening. Gimme a break, I thought it all up on the spot, along with most of this story. Funfact, I originally planned for it not to have a deep story. I just wanted a bit of context to all the random ass smut I wanted to write. Oh I didn't get rid of that part. There's still a lot of smut to be had (almost none of it pertaining to the story actually) and that's probably the biggest reason behind the Club's popularity, Smut. I don't mind. That's kinda what I do: random smut. Dunno why you would be reading this story if you didn't like that.

Anyway, for those of who think you are, or know you're better than me (I know you're out there) please do give it a read past the first few chapters, painful as they may be. Pardon the trainwreck of an opening. Pardon my gary stu of a main character (none of his stu-ness affects the story, it's all for the smut) And pardon all the smut too. 90% of it is skippable anyway. I could use some actual feedback as to how I'm doing with putting this thing together. I appreciate it.)


Love is indeed a beast, one both fearsome and yet at the same time calming. However we talk about love in simple terms, in cards and candies, but what really is love? Some define love as a form of lust; others define it as wanting to spend the rest of your life with somebody, somebody...special.

However not all forms of love are accepted by society. Meet Ben and Athena, a human and lucario who love each other, but because of the laws of society their love is forbidden and thus they don't tell each other of their true feelings. However, when a day special to her trainer comes around, she finally leaps the gap of unlawful love and professes her feelings to her trainer.

I would like to make it known that this story was written for a special somebody in my life, my boyfriend, but I have posted it here for everybody to enjoy. I hope you enjoy this lucario, I did it for you. Know that I do, and always will, love you.

Valentine's Day 2010 Submission


A man gets trapped with the type of person he cant stand. How could it possibly get any worse?

Human x Gardevoir


New and improved! A Mightyena confesses his love for his trainer.


Thousands of years ago, a powerful evil emerged and threatened to engulf the world in it's shadow. Many heroes rose to stop it, and were succesful. Their names and actions were passed down in legend, but time is a formidable foe, and now almost no memory of them remains.
With the progress of Technology, a new threat has emerged: A group of Genetically engineered and 'Superior' Pokémon known as the Midnight Voices. A twist of fate and the loss of a friend result in XV, their youngest and weakest member, taking it upon himself to stop them.
Will the little Pichu succeed?

This is his story.

NOTE: This story is currenlty experiencing a somewhat large rewrite of all chapters from 4 to 15. Please note the changes might go from subtle fixes in punctuation to the full change of a scene or dialogue. Aditionally, some others might have slight edits or content added to them.++ Chapter 4 Redone and reuploaded. The actual next chapter and the rewrites for 5-7 are the nextin line. Contact me for any comments,questions or suggestions you might have.


One of the largest schools in the world: Halcyon University. I've studied up on this place but as you'll see there are some things you can only learn through experience.

Join Calvin Lee in his quest to kick ass, take names, and deliver the mail.

Mannnn there are gonna be a lot of combos in this story. I really wish they would add more character tags >.>

I come from the future. Do not read this story. It is shite.


Just another story of a treasure hunter and his Lucario. Original, yeah I know right?