AGNPH Stories


This is a collection of bits and pieces of things that happened in my series, but they were never really gone over in story length detail. They include how the Love Blossom Festival started, Inferno's puphood and death, and even Inferno's time serving Orochi.

If you'd like another piece of details from my series, comment on such...I might do it, though I can't make a promise if I don't feel it.

New Chapter: The Serpent's Rise

  1. The First Blossoms of Love (3444 words)

  2. The Beginning (4112 words)

  3. The Plane of Death (1373 words)

  4. In Service of the Serpent (2048 words)

  5. A Shattered Mind, A Troubling Dream (2351 words)

  6. Fate's Design (4741 words)

  7. Dreams Cumming True- Team Short (1124 words)

  8. Sima Yi's Lullaby (1154 words)

  9. A Tale of Death: Falling into the Darkness (2447 words)

  10. To Sleepy Hollow! (2291 words)

  11. A Tale of Death: Stumbling into Light (4998 words)

  12. No Place Like Home (2125 words)

  13. Training For Success, But Not Goodbyes (2990 words)

  14. A Father's Devotion (3136 words)

  15. Life in the Pack (1305 words)

  16. I Promise You...REVENGE! (3875 words)

  17. A Love Unrequited (2554 words)

  18. What-if: Let the Sorrow End Before It Begins (3835 words)

  19. Rise of the Black Warrior (3479 words)

  20. The Darkest Knight (2251 words)

  21. A Wonderful Time of Year (1598 words)

  22. The Serpent's Rise (7345 words)

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