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It is the finale of an invisible war; most of the legendary Pokemon, Guardians of their world, have fallen, and dark forces threaten to swallow this world, and only Arceus and a small honor guard remain, remnants of something once great and powerful.
In these final moments of light, they form a desperate plan, a plan that hinges on the light crafted into a female, and the darkness gifted to a male.
A male that happens to be a human. A human on a strange world known as Earth. Our Earth.



Rachel, a sports player, has been found by a group of Pokemon interested in her and ones that are like her/


A freeloader got a secret or two. But what if those secret were found out, by someone special to the freeloader?


When you love someone you expect to be loved back. When you marry someone, you are committed to that person. But just one simple wish can challenge you to find commitment once more.

Join Leonick Incinasius as he explores the wild world of females once more as his wife pits him in a gauntlet that should never have arise in his life. The family secret revealed within the line as Leonick finds out how good or bad his life is and how he knows his son, Blazer, experiences a hell similar to his.

Side Story to Misplaced by Type.


This is the story of a Blaziken, Blazer Incinasius. Join him as he is thrown into a swirl of Weird Events, Trouble, Mishaps, Girls, Sex and Drama. This is not his vacation, I'm sure it isn't heaven or hell either as his Life will be turned to the fullest.

Read also my other story Misplaced by Taste

First chap revised with more plot


An Ex-Champion of the Indigo League returns home after a couple years of being away. He earns a new mission involving the entire world.


A story of Tommy's life. Told in his perspective.

Tommy21 is owned my me.

Pokemon belongs to Nintendo.

Story involves rape, insest, public sex, underage, violence in and out of sex.


This story was inspired by the "Mango Vines" comic by tierafoxglove Now this story does not involve said Mango Vines but a little something I called: "Midnight Crown". Thanks for the inspiration. =D

Summary: An-Yan and Kylen, the "Ninebreon Brothers", venture to a large fruit orchard similar to 'Lane Packing" in Fort Valley GA. They find that there is not normal part to the "garden" than they let on about.

Story/Plants is © aynblackfox
An-Yan and Kylen Rosewood © aynblackfox
Copy/Paste from FA Post - November 17th, 2010 05:06 PM

Warning: This story contains, bondage to a degree, tentacles and "suggested incest" between two Umbreon brothers one of which is male-herm.

Wait....there is not gender tag for dual-sexed characters? DOH!


This story was written for a friend before he changed his fursona..again. Anywho, this another quick revenge story using Madilivani. The victim in question here, complained about not being able to finish anything that he wanted to draw for me and that I could take my revenge out on him in a story. However, the original idea I had in mind didn't work out as I wanted it to so I changed it to this.

FA Posted: November 28th, 2010 06:07 PM

Warning! This story contains rape with tentacles! Not this is not your type of tea, turn back now!


This story is for neos8 on FA He asked to be a story and this is what I came up with after this was drawn:

Note to neos8 After the time you have teased about some things that I wanted to see. You wanted to be a in story and this is what I came up.

Notes about story:

After "Madilivani" was drawn I instantly came up with his idea. It is short but I camp-fired this up in just a in short time. Also I was trying to keep it short and simple, almost comic style. ANYWHO. This guy hear thinks that life is all about games and beers. He finds out the hard way to be careful want he ask for.

Original FA Post: October 25th, 2010 11:22 PM

Not my best writing but one of my favorites...Hehehe! Revenge is best served with breast and tentacles.

Warning! This story contains rape with tentacles! Not this is not your type of tea, turn back now!



Just a story about a man who hates his profession.


An ancient undead being has long since slumbered in a hidden tomb deep beneath the city of Benalia, Capital of Ravnica. Having been trapped there for centuries, her anger and desire for freedom as well as all the things that she has been denied have grown and corrupted her. Betrayed by her own followers for the evil she sought to bring about in life and trapped in a tomb, she is slowly trying to return to an undead life. The approaching Star of Kael'thas had provided her with the power she needed to reach out, seducing the living to find and free her. Ravnica, already having its fair share of evil finds itself threatened by a new plague, the dead have begun to wake, waiting for the rise of their leader to join them adding as many to their ranks as they can while seeking sacrifices for their undead queen.



Pokemon: Excellent Adventure Contest Entry

In a distant region of space the denizens of Marathon-4 live life as has been the norm for decades. Little do they know of the ancient evil that slumbers beneath their feet and just how close they are to waking it.

Yeah, yeah, crumby summary... Hopefully not-so-crumby story.


Pascha works in a Brothel/Hotel/Eating Establishment known as The Fantasy Diner where nearly any fantasy can be fulfilled. Tonight she has a very... different sort of customer from her usual fare.

Contains Human M X Zoroark F sex, and very light bondage.doo dee doo: I do not own pokemon or even just anthro pokemon, I DO however own the OCs within and the story itself.


It's the start of the Spring Semester at Wake Mount Univirsity, and with Valentine's right around the corner...