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A beloved holiday icon in the world of Pokemon is kidnapped by a group of evil trainers, and two teams of young Pokemon explorers take up the task of rescuing him before something treacherous happens.

Give a Gift Contest Submission - 1st Place

Original Finished Date - Dec 27 2009
Featured Story - 01/03/10



Six apparent strangers are invited to a modest but lavish mansion at the owner's behest. Why are they there? And what happens when disaster strikes?

Rise of the Cliche Contest Submission - 2nd Place

Original Finished Date - May 31 2009
Featured Story - 06/01/09


Two close friends consummate their relationship by engaging in a passionate coupling.

Original Finished Date - Oct 7 2004


White the Mew finds hirself in a strange contraption, wearing a collar, and scared. The truth is revealed as shi's released from a Pokeball, into a room, greeted by a sinister voice. And shi's soon joined by Celebi and Jirachi. What's the purpose of all this? A breeding program.

Original Finished Date - Jul 14 2004


Mewtwo has wandered the world of Pokemon alone, trying to suppress the feelings that Mew brought out of him. Fate is a bitch it seems, because he finds the one that steals his heart, and leaves him even more tortured with his existance.

Original Finished Date - Feb 14 2004


An ambitious scientist performs a successful experiment on his Pokemon, before the experiment goes wrong in an unexpectedly good way.

Warning: Contains brief human/Pokemon sex.

FETEP 3 Contest Submission - 3rd Place

Original Finished Date - Jul 24 2011
Featured Story - 08/10/11



A team of explorers stumble upon a damsel in distress, and head off to help, but all is not what it seems...

Pick Your Poison 2011 - Contest Submission - Did Not Place

Original Finished Date - Apr 30 2011


A Ninetales looking to fulfill a personal taboo fantasy finally seduces his bi-curious Arcanine father in a creative way.

Warning: Contains incest.

FETEP 2, Jan 2011 Contest Submission - 2nd Place

Original Finished Date - Feb 1 2011
Featured Story - 02/01/11


A soon-to-be freshman of the PCA meets another freshman & agrees to meet for a private bit of fun, not knowing just what he's getting himself to.

FETEP 1, Sep 2010 Contest Submission - 3rd Place

Original Finished Date - Sep 30 2010
Featured Story - 10/03/10



Two trainer's Pokemon are left alone for an afternoon. One of them sneaks off for a bought of self-satisfaction, unaware that the object of his desires is watching and manipulating events ever so subtlely...

August 2010 Contest Submission: Going Solo - 1st Place

Original Finished Date - Aug 31 2010
Featured Story - 09/07/10


A shiny Vibrava finally makes his desired evolution into a Flygon, and proceeds to have two experiences that he'll never soon forget.

July Bring the Heat Contest 2010 Submission - 4th Place

Original Finished Date - Jul 28 2010
Featured Story - 08/05/10


A sharpshooting drifter with a broken spirit sets off on a mission of revenge.

May Songfic 2010 Contest Submission - 2nd Place

Original Finished Date - Jun 16 2010
Featured Story - 06/22/10


An investigative bird and his sidekick take an adventure in the pursuit of knowledge, and get into something completely unexpected in the process.

"The Birds & The Bees" Contest Submission - 1st Place

Original Finished Date - Aug 1 2009
Featured Story - 08/02/09


Grovyle's part of his important mission is unfortunately finished. Wounded but not defeated, he seeks out his last remaining friend.

Original Finished Date - Feb 14 2009
Featured Story - 02/14/09



Ardy the red squirrel forces his boyfriend Growly to come with him on a camping venture in a wilderness spot he promises is good. Of course, there's more he wants to do than just camp.

Original Finished Date - Jul 28 2006

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  • Published: Aug 23 2012