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Sequel to Forbidden Love. Four Lucario maidens. A neglected reject, a pacifistic war criminal, a disciple cursed from deception, an angel haunted by her fate and the evil within her. This is the tale of the descendant of Ashton Redford Crimson and the four women whose lives he has healed.

M/M occurs in only the chapter "Reap what is Sown". First four chapters revised and updated
Story Comeplete

  1. Finding a Friend (1594 words) [Reviews: 1]

  2. Ruby claims her Man (1993 words)

  3. The Rival Returns (3292 words)

  4. An Assassin's Mistake (3810 words)

  5. A Shadow's New Heart (3324 words)

  6. Ruby's New Deal (4034 words)

  7. A Rival for Ruby? (2997 words)

  8. A Face from the Past (6306 words)

  9. The Vulcan Warrior Returns (8024 words)

  10. Sisterly Bonds (4872 words)

  11. Legacy Discovered (5666 words)

  12. The Phoenix in the Viper Nest (6793 words)

  13. The Blackflame Five Attacks (7398 words)

  14. Escape from Hoenn (6924 words)

  15. Hunted (5985 words)

  16. Devil of the Eternal Flame (12485 words)

  17. Between a Ruby and a Pearl (11125 words)

  18. Family Fun (10026 words)

  19. The Angel Hunts the Devil (4435 words)

  20. Kindred Flames (3856 words)

  21. Wrath of the Devil (12625 words)

  22. Angel vs Devil (13203 words)

  23. A Devil's Redemption Part 1 (7067 words)

  24. A Devil's Redemption Part 2 (5214 words)

  25. The Cursed Maiden (7625 words)

  26. Scars of the Past (9450 words)

  27. A Life Unfulfilled (5737 words)

  28. An Impossible Quest (9077 words)

  29. The Search Begins (8795 words)

  30. The Deadline (13756 words)

  31. Sapphire's Special Surprise (7517 words)

  32. Reap what is Sown (18038 words)

  33. Brother of the Angel (5625 words)

  34. Test of a Steel Will (9559 words)

  35. Disciples of the Phoenix (15299 words)

  36. Long-awaited Justice (7956 words)

  37. Days of Rest (7092 words)

  38. The Blackflame Curse (11658 words)

  39. The Aura Connection (11880 words)

  40. Aura Within (13953 words)

  41. Green Dusk (8218 words)

  42. Balance Shattered (8557 words)

  43. Honorable Devil vs Fallen Angel (10537 words)

  44. To Slay a Goddess (17151 words)

  45. Making Amends (10098 words)

  46. Heat of a Thousand Flames (11716 words)

  47. Double Anniversary (5782 words)

  48. Awaiting the Future (15525 words)

    With human law standing in their way, Ash and Lucy seek a different path to make their bond set in stone. And with the birth of Lucy and Rukaria's children, their bonds only deepen as the Alphas of the three clans are sought out. The end draws near.

    Note from the author: The first part of this chapter was written in my old style just before I burned myself out. The rest is written in my new style.

  49. Journey's End (9928 words) [Reviews: 1]

    This is the end, friends. After a hiatus starting back in April 2011, Rukario Romance, the story that helped my writing skills become as good as they are now, has finally concluded. To all my loyal fans and readers, thank you for being patient. I will continue writing, so please keep reading and reviewing.

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    Reviewer: eraptor145
    Date:Feb 13 2013 Chapter:Journey's End
    Beuatiful..... Nothing to say just completely beautiful.
    Reviewer: zackacas
    Date:Aug 8 2013 Chapter:Finding a Friend
    I couldn't stop reading it, and every time I had to for extened periods I would go through what seemed like a withdrawal.
    I really hope you build off of this and make a third story!!!!!!! {B>)